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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Sales Process | Closing The Sale

In my own honest and humble opinion, before closing the sale, everything I've written about the sales process from prospecting, to approaching, doing your sales presentations, managing objections and trying a trial close every step of the way would consume 95% of your time as a sales person. 5% will be devoted to closing the sale. All you need to do now in this stage is to ask if you've given enough reasons for the client to say yes to your product.

When Do You Close?

What is important in this presentation is to understand that there is a structured way in increasing your chances of closing a sale. Believe it or not, there are verbal and non-verbal signals that you can watch out for in order to start closing the sale. Here are some of those signals:

  • customers would ask questions and express positive opinions of the product. 
  • for B2B, they would normally ask for the process of how to facilitate the purchase order form or how soon items can be delivered. 
  • customer examines the merchandise. 
  • Most commonly asked question that has a high probability of getting a sale: "do you have stocks right now?"

The first "No" isn't a necessary refusal to buy. React calmly to hostile situations.

12 Keys to Successfully Closing

  1. Think success
  2. Plan your sales call 
  3. Confirm your prospect's needs
  4. Give a great presentation
  5. Use trial closes
  6. Smoke out a real client's objections
  7. Overcome real objections
  8. Use a trial close after overcoming every objections
  9. Summarize benefits as related to buyer's needs.
  10. use a trial close to confirm step 9
  11. Ask for the order then be quiet
  12. Leave the door open. Act as a professional
This report was done by one group from my Market2 class and you can view the entire report here. Credit goes to the reporters indicated in the presentation below.