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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Sales Process | Presentation

This is the third post of the Sales Process series where my students in De La Salle University taking Fundamentals of Selling reports about the different stages of the selling process.

First two post (just in case you missed the first two parts):

  1. Prospecting
  2. Pre-approach and Approach 
For this report, the presenters presented a topic call presentations. (sounds catchy right haha). 

Anyway, the bottom line of this report is that it shows the importance of presentations in the selling process and what are the different tools that a sales person can use as part of his selling arsenal. 

This is the entire report: (and it's very self-explanatory)

Note to the reporters: The presentation is really good. Nicely done on the visuals. =)

Credits to (since you didn't put your name in the slides):
Nemelyn Esguerra
Afton Giao late
Garah Milloroso
Charlene Avaricio
Bianca Violago