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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Understanding Online Group Buying - my DZMM Interview

A few months ago, a certain group buying site (company name shall not be disclosed but if you google it you'll know :) were not able to deliver what is promised in their website. In return, the entire industry took a toll on that negative news which up to now is being talked about. The government agency DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) is now actively participating in policing suspicious sites.

After that, the entire industry (we'll i'm speaking on behalf of my employer) was hoping that consumers do not associate us with that particular company (but since this industry is new, everyone thinks we're all the same), and lo and behold, another negative news was reported a few weeks ago with another site (company name hidden).

So DTI complaints are arising from these problems and Undersecretary Maglaya feels like it is about time to give clarity to consumers what is online group buying and how to spot legitimate sites versus scammy sites.

So I got this letter the other day inviting me to be in a panel to shed light on the subject matter. The panel interview was done in DZMM's (Tele Radio Show) Konsyumer ATBP (Consumer Etc.) with Radio host Alvin Elchico and co-hosted by DTI Undersecretary Zenny Maglaya.

DTI Invite Letter

This is the time where the industry needs to step up and really educate the consumers on the benefits of Online buying and how to protect themselves from scammy sites. When I was asked how to make sure that consumers are dealing with a legitimate site, I gave the following answers:
  1. Payment channels should always be with banks or well-known over the counter payment centers.
  2. Contact us details is easy to find in website
  3. there should be a PHYSICAL address 
  4. Call DTI to make sure (if still in doubt)
  5. Registered business in SEC
There's a lot more to say but what I'm really happy about is how Undersecretary Maglaya read a few text messages the show received from listeners and viewers on how our company was able to provide what was promised in the website versus our competitors. 

I also love the fact how Alvin Elchico throw direct questions to each of us who were present there regarding our policies and procedures in making sure that consumers are safe when purchasing a deal from our websites. 

Here's a few photos of the interview earlier (some were taken by my family while watching it on TV).

Photo taken by my family back home

Host Alvin Elchico and Undersecretary Zenny Maglay of DTI

Photo Op after the show
This coming week I'll have two talks: 

On wednesday, I'll be in Mandaluyong City Hall to talk about online buying (invited by DTI again). 

On Friday, I'll be in Exlink's event regarding Customer Loyalty Expo. I'm one of the resource speaker. 

Feel free to drop by when you're near the area.