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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Art of Personal Selling

When you asked someone what is Personal Selling, most likely the answer would be "face-to-face selling". But more than that, Personal Selling is a concept that goes beyond the mere act of selling. 

According to Charles M. Futrell, author of Fundamentals of Selling, Personal Selling refers to the personal communications of information and using that information to unselfishly persuade someone to buy something - whether a good, service, idea - that satisfied the individual's needs. 

The Customer is the Core of Personal Selling

The core principle of Personal Selling is to sell with a conscience. I know that some of you might find this idea a bit hilarious but selling sometimes (and I believe most salesperson will agree) has a negative image from most people. The reason behind that is because, some salespeople sell things just for the sake of getting the sale. But think of Personal Selling as selling something to your grandmother. Would you really sell her something just to make a sale? Would you trick her into buying goods that are worthless to her? I would assume you'll answer "no" and if you say "yes" then I believe it's about time you go to another blog that talks about 'making profits without caring'. 

The foundation of this concept of selling unselfishly really boils down to the Golden Rule of Personal Selling. The philosophy behind this concept is that whenever you try to sell something, you would do it like as if you're doing it to yourself. You ask yourself, if it makes you feel good if you were on the shoes of the person you're trying to sell. If it doesn't then don't do it.  Reciprocity is not expected because there might be people who are not ready to buy at that instant. What I'm trying to get at is that the Golden Rule simply means that you put the interest of others more than yours. 

Why do we need to do this? Simple... if your customers or clients are happy with you and they feel valued and respected, they will continuously buy from you. You are not just selling an item for short-term gain, but what you really are selling is a long-term partnership with that person/client. 

I'll give you an example: in the banking industry, if someone leaves the company, more often than not, his/her clients will go with him/her. It is not the bank interest rates that makes them stay but their relationship with the salesperson (or accounts) because they know that they are in good hands. People who cares about them. 

So how do you succeed in selling? What does it take? The answer is this "Love of selling is the heart of helping others [SUCCESS]"


If you don't love to sell then I would say that you will fail in this profession. 

What are the characteristics of people who practices Personal Selling?

  • Care for the customer
  • Take joy in their work
  • Find harmony in the sales relationship
  • Have patience in closing the sale
  • Be kind to all people
  • Have high moral ethics
  • Be faithful to one's word
  • Be fair in the sale
  • Be self-controlled in emotions
In the next few posts, I will be writing more about personal selling and how it is being applied in building relationships through the sales process. 

The Sales Process

To be continued...