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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My First Day as a Professor in De La Salle University

One item in my bucket list is to teach in the university where my mom first taught when she was still teaching. She graduated from the University of Sto. Thomas (UST) with a degree in education majoring in Physical Ed. Her first teaching job is in DLSU teaching (of course) Physical Education and according to her, Edu Manzano was in her class.

Now I am given the chance to teach and I am very happy to accept it. It has always been my dream to teach and help mould the next generation of business people and one day I can say "he used to be my student!"

This term, I was given the subject Fundamentals of Sales. The framework for teaching is Learning-By-Doing. Which means that a percentage of the total grade is meant for application - this means having the students do a selling activity.

Today was the first day of class and I am a bit excited to see how my students progressed during the entire term. I am also excited to impart my knowledge of selling as a component in fulfilling the demand created by marketing. This is the step at which it closes the entire marketing loop.

Anyway, let me show you the students I will be with for 14 weeks. Looking at them, I can see that this is going to be one exciting and fun term!

AND IF YOU ARE MY STUDENT AND YOU ARE READING THIS NOW - Thank you for sharing one valuable information about yourself earlier. Looking forward in getting to know the entire class =)

Market 2 - L318 (8am-9:30am)
And here's an interesting trivia: My first teaching job (undergrad) teaching SALES is in the university that my mom first taught (undergrad) as a teacher before she went full time doing SALES.

See the connection? haha =) interesting right?!


  1. Anonymous20.9.12

    hi sir! are we allowed to have the powerpoint presentations of the class? I yes, can we have a copy? Because a few of us don't have a book yet. Thank you!

  2. will send it later via dropbox. check your emails.