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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cetaphil Print Ad Campaign

During our advertising class, we were tasked to pitch a print ad campaign for Cetaphil. The challenge was create an Ad targeting the younger market, specifically girls ages 13-18.

It was a bit of a challenge since Cetaphil has always been viewed as a product for adults. So the main objective was to market it to a younger crowd.

This campaign is rooted from the idea that the formative years of a young girl's life starts the moment she steps on high school. It is the time when she usually experiences her usual "first" events - examples would be her first breakout, her first kiss, her firs period, her first date, her first prom, her first heart break, etc. you get the picture right? =)

And usually these girls prepare for these events.

What our campaign tries to achieve is to send out a message that these girls don't need a special event to feel special, that they can feel comfortable in own skin and they can be special every day. That they are perfect, just the way they are.

We wanted to stay true to Cetaphil's slogan: Every Age, Every Stage. Every Day.

Anyhoo, here's our execution:

Credits to our photographers and editors: Magsy Magbanua and David Leano.

You can check out Magsy's portfolio by clicking here.

MAGsus team with Ms. Ompong Remigio and Sir Mel

Campaign 1 Execution:

Prom Queen Everyday

Cheer Leader Confidence Everyday

Fresh Face Everyday

Campaign 2 Execution: (This is a bit more functional and would most likely use a Scrapping Mirror Paper to simulate a real mirror with paper-like quality. Main message is that you no longer need to carry a lot [kikay kit], you just need one product and that's Cetaphil)


Amarra, Isa
Chua, Jennifer
Leano, David
Magbanua, Magsy
Pitoc, Mark
Saldua, Tash

De La Salle University - Master of Marketing Communications

This is our entire powerpoint presentation