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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 5 "Can Your Brand" Questions You Should Ask Before Using Twitter For Business

A lot of people often come to me and ask about Twitter and its effectiveness specially for business. More often than not, their first question is "can a lifeless brand succeed in Twitter?" because most popular twitter accounts are usually celebrities or famous people. It is usually the dilemma of the brand manager once they start thinking about the capabilities of Twitter and how their brand can take advantage of it. Until today, I'm pretty sure a lot of marketing people are still baffled by this tool. 

So as a guide to my fellow marketers, here are some questions that you need to answer before creating a company/brand twitter account. And if your answer is mostly YES then by all means, your brand or company is ready to use Twitter for your digital marketing campaigns. 

  1. Can your brand... sound/pretend like a real person (using first-person narrative form)? 
  2. Can your brand... cater to a large and diverse demographics as well as socio-economic classes?
  3. Can your brand... be also used to target a specific group of online users?
  4. Can your brand... talk about other things beside your brand (diverse topics like can it tweet about silly and funny tweets)?
  5. Can your brand... be covered by a dedicated person to response to followers' mentions or tweets?

If you say at least 3 YESes in the 5 questions above then congratulations, you can start your brand's twitter account as soon as you close this window! =)

Next post, I'll be discussing how you measure success and influence in Twitter. 

Okay that's it for now. 

and P.S. What is the past tense of Tweet? =) Let me know your answers by commenting below. =)


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