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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trade Check - A Marketing Research Activity

Hey guys, it's me again. Finally I got the time to upload our trade check data. This was the last activity we did for our marketing research class and guess what, we got a 4.0 (that's a perfect score)! WOOT!

The activity was really simple, all we need to do is choose a category that we would check in the supermarket. For example: Powdered Milk, Canned Tuna, Fly paper, etc. As a group, we decided to go with Aluminum Foil since it's easier to count. The objective was to determine the brands being carried by different supermarkets and how well their shelves are stocked.

We also need to observe the consumer off take - meaning, how many people purchased that product and which brand. Sadly, the aluminum foil category didn't perform well. I stood there for over 15 mins and only one person purchased a product (booo!) haha

Anyhoo, here's our presentation for the trade check activity.
Nicco Joselito Lopez-Tan is currently pursuing post-graduate studies at the De La Salle Univeristy - Taft Manila, taking up Master of Marketing Communications.

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