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Monday, April 18, 2011

Expert Interview - Events Marketing

I've had the privilege to interview Jon Santos last term for my IMC class. He is the managing director of Hopewell ANGS Inc. Philippines who is an expert in Promo and Events Management. I've worked with Jon before when I was still with Sun Cellular as a regional marketing officer for consumer events. They are one of the agencies I look up to during those days. Why? Because they're damn good! LOL

Anyhoo, as an assignment to my IMC class, we interviewed Jon to talk about Events Marketing and what makes an events agency different from other marketing services oriented agencies out there.

My classmate Monique interviewed him and some of the answers are in Filipino so I'll try my best to attach a transcript as soon as possible (granting I have the time to do it LOL).

Main takeaway for this interview was that Events Marketing plays a crucial role in developing potential markets. It helps bridge the gap between brands and the consumers by stimulating the senses. Through an experiential journey, the consumers can now relate the ad they saw in TV or hear on the radio or read in the newspaper/magazines thus increasing the possibility of converting them into customers.

The only downside would be the cost since events marketing only has limited reach in terms of execution, the company would then need to stage multiple events in order to generate buzz and excitement and also, see a meaningful increase in brand awareness and sales.

Expert Interview: Events Marketing

Nicco Joselito Lopez-Tan is currently pursuing post-graduate studies at the De La Salle Univeristy - Taft Manila, taking up Master of Marketing Communications.