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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Expert Interview - Advertising Agency Operations

Last term, I had the opportunity to interview the group account director of one of the biggest advertising agency in the Philippines - Dentsu Holdings Philippines Inc. to learn more about how an Ad Agency operates.

My main takeaway in this interview is that like any institutions, an Ad agency also depends on specialized firms to execute a project. Specialized firms can either be events agencies, suppliers for all merchandising collateral, or even fellow Ad agencies in order to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to the clients and in the same time, generate profit both for the agency and its business partners.

I've had the video up for sometime now in my Tumblr account so I'm moving it here. Don't forget to leave your comments! =)

Nicco Joselito Lopez-Tan is currently pursuing post-graduate studies at the De La Salle Univeristy - Taft Manila, taking up Master of Marketing Communications.

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